Ballast weights

We are manufacturer and supplier of reinforced concrete and magnetite ballast weights for front hydraulic systems.


Years of development

Designed after many discussions with farmers and trade organisations at home and abroad.

Developed and tested for all common tractor models and front hydraulic systems of category I and II.

The result is ballast weights that are interchangeable for all common tractor types.

Advantages of our reinforced concrete weights

  • Simple recording of weights
  • Universal applicability
  • Excellent design
  • Integrated shunting coupling
  • Significantly improved traction
  • Clear cost-benefit effect

Reinforced concrete

Weight category:

  • 400 kg
  • 600 kg
  • 800 kg
  • 1000 kg
  • 1200 kg

Our reinforced concrete weights of the INNOVATION product range are available in weight classes from 400 kg to 1200 kg.

They are developed and tested for all known tractor models and Category II front hydraulic systems.


Weight category:

  • 600 kg
  • 900 kg
  • 1200 kg
  • 1500 kg
  • 1800 kg
  • 2100 kg

The magnetite weights are available in weight ranges from 600 kg to 2100 kg.

They allow a smaller volume at a higher weight.


Manufactured according to your wishes

  • At the customer’s request, we can supply you with our ballast weights with your own company logo at no extra charge
  • You can also choose an individual colour at no extra charge, such as John Deere Green
  • Free delivery within Germany from an acceptance of at least 10 weights

Tractors with front weights

Tractor with 800 kg ballast weight

Tractor with 600 kg front weight

Tractor with 1500 kg ballast weight

Ballast weights with triangle

Ballast weights with customer logo