We are supplier for diesel-engines of all known brands.

Fuel pump
Fuel pump

This includes fast-running diesel engines built in vehicles, construction machines, agricultural engines, as well as engines which are used in power stations or sea-going vessels.

Starter and dynamo machines
Starter and dynamo machines

Turbo charger and injection parts
Turbo charger injection parts

Generally, we supply spare parts that meet the quality requirements of the engine manufacturer and which are additionally guaranteed by us without any restrictions. For most engines, the parts are delivered immediately ex stock or made available within a short time.

Valve and bearing
Valve bearing

Oil pump
Oil pump

Should an engine overhaul turn out to be unprofitable, we can assist in obtaining a new engine, starting from the offer preparation up to the installation of the engine.


Lifting magnets and cartridge seal
lifting magnet cartridge seal

We also have access to exchange engines, as well as engines that have been carefully restored, so-called reconditioned engines.



For further cost reductions while overhauling engines, we also have access to reconditioned spare parts like crankshafts, cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods, etc.

Con rod
con rod

Piston and Cylinder head
piston cylinder head

Cylinder head
cylinder head



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